Saturday, January 26, 2013

When a Polish Addict's Dream Comes True!

Hey ya'll! Welcome back. Today I want to tell you about my polish dream come true. I'm sure that every polish addict out there has bought a polish because of it's name or collection name or theme (You know those Shrek and Wizard of Oz and other fun themes.) We also tend to daydream about what would make a perfect collection or color. (Everyone does that, right?)

Anyway I love me some Care Bears. I watched them when I was a girl. I always just loved them. I collected the stuffed bears and had them on everything I owned. Fast forward 20 years and they bring them out again! I was so excited because I was expecting a baby girl. Her nursery had Care Bears everywhere. With their bright colors and sweet, happy shapes they are just so much fun.

Then I got hooked on polish. Just seeing some of the collections made me dream of having one to pay tribute to the colorful bears so many of us have loved. I submitted this idea to several indie makers. I thought nothing of it but......

I GOT A REPLY!!!! Not only did I get a reply, I got several of them. One was from the maker of one of my favorite polish collections EVER. (Still working on getting that Imagine/Beatles collection). It was Chelsea from Enchanted Polish!! She loved the idea and on New Year's Day, she and I chatted about names and Care Bear colors and episodes. And.... The Love-A-Lot of Glitter collection was born! :-) 

Here you see the five polishes from Love-A-Lot of Glitter. Top row left to right: Daydream Surprise, Freeze Machine and Tenderheart. The first one on the left on the bottom row was a gift to replace my spilled bottle of Magical Mystery Tour (THAT was a bad day when it got spilled. LOL). Thank you to my nail goddess mentor, Claudia Holographic Hussy for that! I love you! Anyway you see Tummy Time in middle of bottom row and Wish Me Good Luck next to it. I will be swatching these all soon!

Today I have for you another glitter gradient attempt. I used Enchanted Freeze Machine over Julep Donna. 

 There are so many colors and sizes of glitter in these polishes that it is impossible to name all of them. I will just say it's full of sparkling goodness. No fishing for glitter. It's packed full of bling and beauty!
 Freeze Machine has iridescent blue shards and light purple shreds. It has a very fine holo glitter and not even sure what else is in there. It's so pretty. It's going to be great over so many colors.
This one shows more of the purple and holo glitter.

Then just for fun, I used my Hard Candy matte top coat on it. I love how it made the glitter look. But I think Donna is much better in her shiny glory. Here are a couple of shots with the matte top coat.

So what do you think? What would your dream polish color or collection be? Would you base it on a song, a show, a place? I have so many other ideas that I'd love see come to life. Let know what you dream of seeing on your nails. 

You can find Enchanted polish on Facebook here. You can buy your Enchanted polish from the Enchanted site here. Or you can get it at Llarowe or Harlow & Co.. (I do not know when those stores will get the Care Bear glitter collection but keep yourself updated by following along on Facebook or subscribing to Llarowe and Harlow& Co. newsletters.)

Thanks for sticking with me ya'll. You'll be seeing much more of this collection and many others coming soon. Come back and see me again soon. 

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  1. Oh my gosh, it is SOOOO incredibly awesome that you got your dream collection made by super amazing indie brand!!!! :D Just a couple weeks ago, I was thinking of a couple collections I think would be fun (based off of the movie Matilda and the TV series LOST), but I'm sure no indie maker would ever go for them. It's fun to think about though! :) I'm so glad your polish dreams became a reality! How FUN!!
    P.S. I'm head over heels in love with these and ALL indies too!