Thursday, January 3, 2013

Max-A-Million, You are the man!!

Hey ya'll!

Now it's probably a well known fact by now that this mama loves her holo polishes. I love the linear type the most because they just throw off these gorgeous rainbows that just keep me staring at my nails. I try holos in every brand I can find and any color out there. The stronger the effect, the more I love it.

Why all of the rambling? Because I found a new true love in the holo world. I would like all of you to say hello to Max-A-Million by NailNation 3000.

*Warning: This is picture heavy!*

 Max-A-Million is a light blue packed with holo! This picture was taken under artificial light.

The pictures below were taken in my husband's workshop. He's working on polish rack #3 so I was out helping with that and had to catch the way the light reflected off of this polish. It has a stronger holo effect than any holo I own. It rivals the Color Club Halo Hues. It will send other holos running home to their mamas crying. LOL. Just let the pictures do the work for me! Check these out!

 Look at those rainbows!
 Totally drool-worthy!
 Check out the way that bottle in my hand looks.

 Yes, I said it before and I'll say it again. I LOVE NailNation!

 You can actually see the red in these which you rarely see in a holo!
 Are you drooling with me yet?

 Yeah, I knew you would be!

 And I think this one shows the color of Max-A-Million in the shade or without direct light. I promise that if you love a good holo, you NEED to own this one! If you've never tried a holo, this would be a fantastic one to try out. You'll thank me for it when it's on your nails.

You can get your NailNation 3000 polish from Maria's facebook page: NailNation 3000 or you can find them at Llarowe. :-) I will be getting pictures of Max's sexy brother in purple, Vincenzo, today. So stay tuned. Thanks for checking out my post. I hope you found these pictures to be as gorgeous as I did. Until later... :-)


  1. Wooow gorgeuos holo!!


    1. Thank you Lala! I am now following your blog as well. Keep an eye out for pictures of my other love, Vincenzo (purple holo) today. :-)

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  3. Hi April,
    I don't see Vincenzo listed on the Llarowe site. Is it just too new??

    Also, you mention NailNation 3000 sells thru their FB page, but I am not finding a link to the store. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Or maybe the store is just not currently open?

    You know me... If it's purple and sparkly, I GOTTA have it!! ;o)

    1. Heather, check out the NailNation facebook page in my link above, hun. Maria sells the polishes straight from her Facebook. Just inbox her with the colors you'd like to order and she'll invoice you through paypal. :-) I have gotten all of mine directly through Maria. She ships SUPER FAST and is a pleasure to do business with. You can find tons of colors on her page that aren't at Llarowe.