Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jade, how I love thee! :-)

Hey ya'll! I'm back again with a couple more colors to share. I got my hands on two more of the Jade holos. Let me just say they are jaw droppers. I had to put the very bright (almost a hot pink) pink on my fingers immediately. Here is Jade Delirio Rosa.

 I haven't really found many holo pinks that are this bright. It's sooo beautiful even in the shade.
 See her sparkle? It's a very strong linear holo.
 It's one of those you're gonna stare at all day. Don't wear while driving. LOL
 You can see more of the blue and purple end of the rainbow spectrum here. 
 One more of the Delirio Rosa just for fun.

I also got Fascinio Violeta. It's such a pretty purple. My mom had to give it a test run so I thought I'd share Mama's pics too. 
 The perfect purple with a strong linear holo.
 You can see a little wear on the tips but this is after two days and this is only one coat where I had on two!

Jade Holographics comes in many different shades. It is my goal to own every single color. The formula is fabulous. The holographic effect is always super strong. This is a polish that will never disappoint a holo lover. So head over and see what they have for you. You can buy these from Llarowe here :-) or Ninja Polish here :-)

Let me know in the comments what your favorite Jade is. Do you know other good holo brands for me to check out?

I hope ya'll will come back and visit again soon. Have a great evening!

When a Polish Addict's Dream Comes True!

Hey ya'll! Welcome back. Today I want to tell you about my polish dream come true. I'm sure that every polish addict out there has bought a polish because of it's name or collection name or theme (You know those Shrek and Wizard of Oz and other fun themes.) We also tend to daydream about what would make a perfect collection or color. (Everyone does that, right?)

Anyway I love me some Care Bears. I watched them when I was a girl. I always just loved them. I collected the stuffed bears and had them on everything I owned. Fast forward 20 years and they bring them out again! I was so excited because I was expecting a baby girl. Her nursery had Care Bears everywhere. With their bright colors and sweet, happy shapes they are just so much fun.

Then I got hooked on polish. Just seeing some of the collections made me dream of having one to pay tribute to the colorful bears so many of us have loved. I submitted this idea to several indie makers. I thought nothing of it but......

I GOT A REPLY!!!! Not only did I get a reply, I got several of them. One was from the maker of one of my favorite polish collections EVER. (Still working on getting that Imagine/Beatles collection). It was Chelsea from Enchanted Polish!! She loved the idea and on New Year's Day, she and I chatted about names and Care Bear colors and episodes. And.... The Love-A-Lot of Glitter collection was born! :-) 

Here you see the five polishes from Love-A-Lot of Glitter. Top row left to right: Daydream Surprise, Freeze Machine and Tenderheart. The first one on the left on the bottom row was a gift to replace my spilled bottle of Magical Mystery Tour (THAT was a bad day when it got spilled. LOL). Thank you to my nail goddess mentor, Claudia Holographic Hussy for that! I love you! Anyway you see Tummy Time in middle of bottom row and Wish Me Good Luck next to it. I will be swatching these all soon!

Today I have for you another glitter gradient attempt. I used Enchanted Freeze Machine over Julep Donna. 

 There are so many colors and sizes of glitter in these polishes that it is impossible to name all of them. I will just say it's full of sparkling goodness. No fishing for glitter. It's packed full of bling and beauty!
 Freeze Machine has iridescent blue shards and light purple shreds. It has a very fine holo glitter and not even sure what else is in there. It's so pretty. It's going to be great over so many colors.
This one shows more of the purple and holo glitter.

Then just for fun, I used my Hard Candy matte top coat on it. I love how it made the glitter look. But I think Donna is much better in her shiny glory. Here are a couple of shots with the matte top coat.

So what do you think? What would your dream polish color or collection be? Would you base it on a song, a show, a place? I have so many other ideas that I'd love see come to life. Let know what you dream of seeing on your nails. 

You can find Enchanted polish on Facebook here. You can buy your Enchanted polish from the Enchanted site here. Or you can get it at Llarowe or Harlow & Co.. (I do not know when those stores will get the Care Bear glitter collection but keep yourself updated by following along on Facebook or subscribing to Llarowe and Harlow& Co. newsletters.)

Thanks for sticking with me ya'll. You'll be seeing much more of this collection and many others coming soon. Come back and see me again soon. 

Holo Ya'll! Check out Mentality's Seduce.

Hey ya'll! I'm sure you're all shocked to see me sporting a holo polish on my nails. Yeah, right! I love my holos and this one by Mentality is a keeper for sure. I'd like to introduce you to Seduce, a gorgeous medium blue scattered holo with a kick. It has dark red micro glitter flakes in it that shine so nicely in low light. Then in the sunlight....... BAM!! Let's let the pictures do some talking. 

 These are taken in the Alabama sun. 
 The polish actually looks linear here. I can't decide which it is. Scattered or linear. But it's gorgeous!
 Check out the bottle in this shot. Ahhhh. :-)

 The picture above is in the shade so you can see that super fine red glitter.
The formula on this is easy to work with. It's a bit thicker than most holos I own. The pictures above are two coats. It covered perfectly. You don't need steel wool to get it off. But most importantly, it is beautiful!!

The owners of Mentality are a pleasure to do business with. A husband and wife team making gorgeous polish together. You've gotta love that. I know I do. These polishes are very reasonably priced and the prices listed include shipping. :-)

You can find their Facebook page here :-) or if you wanna get your shop on check out their big cartel site here :-)  Be sure you let them know who sent you.

Stay tuned for swatches of Rapture, Tease and a few metallics. Come back and see me soon. Let me know if you've tried Mentality and which color you love most.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Trying something different for me :-)

Hey ya'll!

Today I have for you some pictures of Pretty & Polished's Bayou Blitz. I fell in love when I saw this because it reminds me of the Floam polishes with a little extra oomph. I will be the first to admit that this is not my best mani but I still love it. 

Bayou Blitz has very fine matte yellow glitters in a lighter green jelly base. The best part is the larger hexes in pink, blue, purple and orange. These are matte as well and some look translucent. The overall effect it has when you add a couple of coats is like Floam with big happy surprises in it!

I have on three thin coats of Bayou Blitz with no top coat in the next two pictures. :-)
In the shade.
In the sun. :-)

And then there was matte!! I had to add Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love matte top coat to this to see how it looked. It hid most of the knicks I got in them while chasing kids with wet nails. LOL. Below are the pictures with the matte top coat!!

Isn't it lovely?
 Here's a close up so you can see the orange ones and the ones from the first and second coats. So much depth with this one!

I got this color in a swap so I'm not sure if it's still available. But Pretty and Polished has some stunning colors and the formula of the ones I have tried are fantastic. I fished to get the colors I wanted but only because I was being picky. These glitters came out easily for me.

You can find your favorite Pretty and Polished colors at their shopify me store here.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about this type of polish? Do you like colored polishes with glitters? Are you loving or hating the matte glitter fad?

Thanks for stopping in. See ya'll soon.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Glitter Gradient Fail! But the colors were gorgeous. :-)

So I've been trying to work on learning to do a glitter gradient as well as my nail idol Claudia the Holographic Hussy. Mine was a total fail but the colors were so pretty that I just had to share.

So here is Pure Ice Gossip! with China Glaze Make a Spectacle over it.

 I really do love this color combo and I'm going to attempt to use the sponge method next time instead of the brush. Hoping I have better luck that way.
 This kinda shows the look of the glitter better. It's white that shifts and has a beautiful golden tone in the shade. It looks a bit better in person.
 Look at that beautiful sparkle. I believe this glitter would be perfect over pretty much any color. I'm thinking any shade of purple, blues, teals, black, reds and probably others too.
Here's one of Gossip! before I added the glitter just so you can see how pretty this one is. The formula was perfect as most of my Pure Ice colors are. Those polishes prove to me that you can get a great polish at any price. You don't have to rush out and buy $15 polish because there are tons of colors, finishes and gorgeous glitters. They are at Wal-Mart for $2-ish. What a steal!
Yeah, I had to toss in one of the puppy too but look at that gorgeous pink. :-)

I've got a post coming up featuring Pretty & Polished Bayou Blitz soon. I am hoping for tonight but no promises since Alabama will be winning their 15th National Championship in a few hours.

Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite inexpensive polish is or your favorite Pure Ice colors. :-)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Max-A-Million, You are the man!!

Hey ya'll!

Now it's probably a well known fact by now that this mama loves her holo polishes. I love the linear type the most because they just throw off these gorgeous rainbows that just keep me staring at my nails. I try holos in every brand I can find and any color out there. The stronger the effect, the more I love it.

Why all of the rambling? Because I found a new true love in the holo world. I would like all of you to say hello to Max-A-Million by NailNation 3000.

*Warning: This is picture heavy!*

 Max-A-Million is a light blue packed with holo! This picture was taken under artificial light.

The pictures below were taken in my husband's workshop. He's working on polish rack #3 so I was out helping with that and had to catch the way the light reflected off of this polish. It has a stronger holo effect than any holo I own. It rivals the Color Club Halo Hues. It will send other holos running home to their mamas crying. LOL. Just let the pictures do the work for me! Check these out!

 Look at those rainbows!
 Totally drool-worthy!
 Check out the way that bottle in my hand looks.

 Yes, I said it before and I'll say it again. I LOVE NailNation!

 You can actually see the red in these which you rarely see in a holo!
 Are you drooling with me yet?

 Yeah, I knew you would be!

 And I think this one shows the color of Max-A-Million in the shade or without direct light. I promise that if you love a good holo, you NEED to own this one! If you've never tried a holo, this would be a fantastic one to try out. You'll thank me for it when it's on your nails.

You can get your NailNation 3000 polish from Maria's facebook page: NailNation 3000 or you can find them at Llarowe. :-) I will be getting pictures of Max's sexy brother in purple, Vincenzo, today. So stay tuned. Thanks for checking out my post. I hope you found these pictures to be as gorgeous as I did. Until later... :-)