Saturday, January 26, 2013

Holo Ya'll! Check out Mentality's Seduce.

Hey ya'll! I'm sure you're all shocked to see me sporting a holo polish on my nails. Yeah, right! I love my holos and this one by Mentality is a keeper for sure. I'd like to introduce you to Seduce, a gorgeous medium blue scattered holo with a kick. It has dark red micro glitter flakes in it that shine so nicely in low light. Then in the sunlight....... BAM!! Let's let the pictures do some talking. 

 These are taken in the Alabama sun. 
 The polish actually looks linear here. I can't decide which it is. Scattered or linear. But it's gorgeous!
 Check out the bottle in this shot. Ahhhh. :-)

 The picture above is in the shade so you can see that super fine red glitter.
The formula on this is easy to work with. It's a bit thicker than most holos I own. The pictures above are two coats. It covered perfectly. You don't need steel wool to get it off. But most importantly, it is beautiful!!

The owners of Mentality are a pleasure to do business with. A husband and wife team making gorgeous polish together. You've gotta love that. I know I do. These polishes are very reasonably priced and the prices listed include shipping. :-)

You can find their Facebook page here :-) or if you wanna get your shop on check out their big cartel site here :-)  Be sure you let them know who sent you.

Stay tuned for swatches of Rapture, Tease and a few metallics. Come back and see me soon. Let me know if you've tried Mentality and which color you love most.

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