Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Orly Sparkling Garbage! My new favorite Orly.

Good Morning, ya'll!

I know I've gone MIA again but things are still going pretty badly for my sweet little girl. But I just HAD to show you this gorgeous polish from the Orly Mash Up collection. I usually don't do green but when I saw Sparkling Garbage at Sally's, it was yelling, "Hey, you, look at me! Bring me home with you." Okay maybe it wasn't really talking but it may as well have been saying those words. It's a holographic glitter so you know I couldn't pass it up.

These were my Mother's Day nails. I have on a base of Color Club Angel Kiss. I put one coat of Sparkling Garbage on my index and ring fingers. Two coats on the middle and pinkie. This polish is chock full of glitter so you could make it opaque in 2-3 coats and have your nails looking like jewels! I know you're ready for the pictures so here you go...
This was taken in the beautiful Alabama sun. Do you see the holo goodness in Sparkling Garbage? 
Sparkling Garbage can also be added on top of pretty much any color to give it that stunning holographic shimmer. I tried it over purple since I wore this manicure and it's just as pretty over that. 

I was so happy to find such a pretty color that is readily available to the public.

Again, from left to right, we have one coat of Sparkling Garbage over  Color Club Angel Kiss on that first finger. Then  it's two coats on the second. One on the third and 2 on the fourth. 

You can't see the base color through the two coats so that gives you an idea of what this gem looks like with no undies. 

Look at the rainbow shimmer. Ahhhh, I love it!
I had to include a close up of this on polish so you can see just how packed it is with that mint colored holo glitter. 
I'm not sure where all you can buy Orly Mish Mash. I know our Sally's had the entire collection. They also had the Hope and Freedom Fest collection on clearance. I snagged Melodious Utopia, Elation Generation and High On Hope with my birthday coupon! (SCORE!) Stay tuned to see my swatches of those.

I hope ya'll enjoyed my sparkle and shine today. I'm going to attempt to post at least one post everyday this week if all goes well. Come back soon to see what other beauties I have lined up for their close ups. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

NailNation 3000 Spammage! You wanna see this. (Pic heavy!!)

Hey ya'll! Sorry I've been MIA for a while. Things went downhill a bit further with  my daughter but I will post a separate post about that. For now I want to share with you some of my Nailnation manicures. This newest one was done when Maria set out a challenge for bloggers to use their favorite NN (Who can choose one?!?!?) and do a review. She'll be choosing 4 bloggers to review her newest colors. I am praying to the nail goddess that I can get one of those coveted spots. :-) So make sure you leave me some comments!

Now, onto the fun part. I started out wanting to do a dotticure (manicure covered with polka dots) but time just got away from me. So last night I pulled out my minis of the Raging Holo collection (which you need ALL of them if you ask me) and chose a few to use. I went with Glow Worm (gorgeous lime green holo that is stunning beyond words in the sun!), the summer Wow-A-Doodle and Amazeballz.

I used two coats of Glow Worm. Then I decided to to a gradient. I use the triangle makeup sponges. (These are great for galaxy nails and gradients alike. I love keeping them on hand.) I painted stripes of the colors in the order I wanted to sponge them on and went to town sponging until I got something I liked. :-) And here are the pictures for ya'll!

This was done as the sun tried to peek through the clouds.

The sun ran away but this still shows the stunning color of these polishes with or without bright light.

For fun, I went out and blasted it with artificial light so you can see just how holo Maria's polishes are. They are always a fantastic formula to work with. Seeing them looking like dazzling rainbows made me think of magic.

Just look at the sparkle. It is even prettier in sun. I will take pics in the sun very soon. It's magical! Soooo....

I thought can this get anymore magical? That is when I decided to pull out my Finger Paints Twisted which is full of multicolored rainbow flakies. When I got it on top of this manicure, I knew it was a great idea. I've been doing flakies a lot over manicures as I rarely have time for real nail art. It's my quick-fix solution to blinging up a manicure. Let's see what you think? 

This is what a unicorn would wear on it's paw nails. Don't you think?

I love how the flakies glow against their beautiful holo backdrop. 

Ya'll know I could leave you without sharing a few pics of Nailnation 3000 manicures I have done in the past.

Here's my first dotticure done with raging holos. The main color is Glam Bot (which I NEED a full size bottle of this one!) with accent nail of Glow Worm featuring Wow-A-Doodle, Amazeballz, Glam Bot and Awesome Sauce as the dots.