Monday, December 31, 2012

NailNation 3000, I love you! I really love you!

I want to start by saying, ya'll know I have this obsession with holo polishes and I own up to my addiction to them. It all started with a bottle of Hits No Olimpo. From there, it has kinda snowballed. I have tried Jade, Layla, UP Colors, GOSH and several other brands of holographic polish. I never knew real love until I tried my first NailNation polish. Maria, the very talented artist behind this brand, is a true sweetheart. I LOVE doing business with her. Her polishes are second to none. The formula on every single color I've tried (which is more than ten I think. LOL) is pure perfection. The holographic beauty is just stunning. I haven't found a color that Maria makes that I don't like. :-) Without further ado, I bring you a couple more of her polish colors.

Say hello to Soriya. It's a dark teal holo with fine silver holo glitters. In person this one reminds me of a beautiful night sky with stars shining all around. I went for one coat of Dollish Polish Heart of Glass over the top for an accent nail. Can you ever have too much holo? I think not. LOL
 Isn't she beautiful?
 Maria's polishes are a dream come true for this holo ho. LOL
 It's impossible to capture all of the rainbows these polishes throw off. 
No, I'm not drunk. I kept this one blurry so ya'll can see the rainbow.

Up next, I have one of my favorite polishes EVER!! This is called 4get Me Not! And you won't find a prettier dark pink (magenta) holo than this one. Even in the shade, it's gorgeous. I'll let the pictures do the talking. I had no sunlight so I just went snap-happy with my flash and artificial light. 

 I will be wearing this color again on the next sunny day we have here in Alabama. I also want to get pictures of Vincenzo and Max-a-Million so watch
out for those coming soon.

I hope you have enjoyed these colors as much as I have. They really remind me of rainbows and I love me some rainbows. I captured this strange rainbow that was a circle in the sky on the day of Kyler's party. There had been no rain so this was a total surprise. I tell the kids it's my daddy's gift to them. :-)

Can you see it? The pictures aren't sideways. This is how it looked in the sky. :-)

So there ya'll have it. I am officially in love with Nailnation. You can get yours through Maria's Facebook page here: NailNation. You can also get her polish from my favorite site ever, Llarowe. Stay tuned for more swatches from this brand and many others. Thanks for stopping in and come back soon. 


  1. Beautiful! I love 4get Me Not :D Your nails are SO beautiful April! Keep up the great work! xo

    1. Thank you, sweets! I would have never made it this far without you. I love you to pieces. :-) Never dreamed the nail world was so full of fantastic ladies but I'm so blessed to have made some friends for life.

      If I had a bottle that I could transfer polish into I'd send you some of my 4get Me Not. But if you decide to try Nailnation, this color is on the top of my favorite list. ;-) She has a fabulous purple that I'm hoping to photograph tomorrow called Vincenzo too!