Monday, December 31, 2012

Bad Blogger!! Catching Ya'll Up!

I know, I know! I'm a bad girl. I have been so crazy busy since my last blog post. Let's see what all has went down. My son turned 4 on Dec. 3rd.

He's so silly. His name is Kyler and he's a mess!

Our mama dog, Allie, had a hard time giving birth to her puppies on the night of Kyler's birthday. So I got my hands (and nails) dirty. The holiday nail challenge was forgotten when my dog started acting all crazy. So I helped bring a couple of these little guys into the world. Mama dog is doing perfect and babies are now 3 weeks old. 

We all caught the news-worthy stomach bug that was going around. My little girl seems to bring everything home from school. Bless her heart. 
Kaylynn. She's Mama's little silly princess. :-)

And now what you're here for... the nails! I've been taking plenty of pictures. :-) Here is a mani from Dec. 2nd. It's Hits No Olimpo Dionisio. It's gotten thick on me but I still love it!

This is my new favorite brand of polish. It's NailNation 3000. Pictured below is my Kizmit manicure. I love all holos. Maria had me at "holo" LOL. This is a quad holo with little silver holo glitters and fine green glitter. ;-) It's a beauty!

I have more pictures of manicures coming up in my next post. You will be seeing more NailNation and, as always, more holo. LOL. Thank ya'll for stopping by. Please come back real soon. :-) I promise to not leave my girls hanging again if the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise. 

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