Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Enchanted Across the Universe (Pic heavy)

Hey ya'll!

Today I have for you some pictures of another Enchanted Imagine (formerly Beatles) polish. This is Across the Universe. I have some pictures that are far from perfect but I wanted ya'll to see all of the colors that I was seeing with this fantastic polish. It shifts so many different colors and is a stunning blue or purple holo in the direct sunlight. Gotta love a polish that has so much to offer in any lighting! Now I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

These pictures show three thin coats of ATU with no undies.

I captured the teal color of this polish with the flash but you'll have to excuse the shadow. I had to include this one so you can see this shade in the shift that you rarely see in swatches.

And last picture is at a crazy angle but it shows how many colors you can see in this polish. I have yet to find another brand of multichromes that shifts this many colors.

I was also able to catch the dark plum color with the flashlight since the sun wanted to hide out the day I took these pictures. 

I'm sure you wondering where you can find this gorgeous polish, huh? It's not going to be easy to catch it in stock but you can find the Enchanted Imagine collection on the Enchanted website by clicking here. She also has these polishes on several other sites so check out the Enchanted Facebook page here so you can see her restock updates and check out her others stunning polishes.

Enchanted is also found at LlaroweHarlow & Co. and Mei Mei's Signatures. :-)

Thanks for stopping in. I hope you have loved seeing the rainbow of color that came from this one gorgeous bottle. Stop back by soon for more holographic goodness.


  1. Awesome pictures April!! This may have to go on my wishlist...
    I cannot believe how long your nails are! And how flat! I wish my nails stayed flat like that when they grew out - mine curl in like crazy and it's actually painful to type when they get too long :(

  2. Gorgeous!!!!Looks so good on your nails!!!!I wish I could see this beauty on my nails someday....