Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My 1st Teal/Green Holo! Color Club Halo Hue Angel Kiss

Hey ya'll! Welcome back to my blog. Today I have for you another Color Club Halo Hues stunner. This one is Angel Kiss. This is my first teal or minty green holo polish. I absolutely adore it! The formula for these polishes are fantastic. These pictures are shown with 2 thin coats and they're fully opaque. I won't ramble for too long and will let the pictures do the talking.

I couldn't choose just one or two or even three pictures. So spam coming at ya!
 This is taken in the bright Alabama sun!
 You can see the other end of the rainbow spectrum here with more blues and purples showing from this angle.
 Beware! You may not want to drive on a sunny day wearing these colors. You will be staring at these babies all day long. It's hard to not look at them. 
 I hope the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is full of holographic polish!
 OOoooooooOOOOooooo. (For my SMYTC girls)

 She's proud to show off her label!

 Her rear-end is a sight to behold!

 And here's the minty green goodness in the shade. So unique!

 The bottle in the shade. :-) AHHHH!
 Back to the sun because I can't resist more rainbow shots!
I've been drooling over many of the holographic polishes that are so expensive I'd have to sell my car to buy them. But that search is over. I'll never whine again for the China Glaze OMG collection (though I'd be thrilled to own those too. LOL.) Never will be upset because I can't the OPI DS holos. These colors are PACKED with the linear holo that I'm in love with. So if you want a fantastic holo polish collection that won't break the bank, check these out.

You can get yours from Harlow & Co.Head2Toe and

Have you tried this collection? What are you favorites? Leave me a comment and let me know which colors you want or have tried. Which collection should I go for next?


  1. Absolutely stunning! And your nails are definitely growing! <3

  2. Your holo pics are amazing April! <3 I just gave you the Liebster award!

    1. Thank you, love! I'll post my responses tomorrow. I'm hoping to post 5 posts in one day to make up for not posting in a while. :-)

  3. April, my dear, I have tagged you for the Liebster Award!

    1. Thanks sweetness! I'll type it up and get it posted tomorrow. My plan is to post at least 5 posts tomorrow with some swatches of colors I've photographed but been too down and out to really post.

  4. Wow look at that holo! I got the silver one as a gift! I have yet to wear though. Now I'm all excited :P